Postdoctoral Research Position: Neurophysiology in vitro, Marseille, France

A postdoctoral position is available with Dr. Dominique Debanne at

INSERM U641, Marseille, France(,89-).

Applicants should have solid experience of in vitro electrophysiologica l recording techniques (patch-clamp) and, analysis of synaptic transmission and neuronal excitability. The successful applicant will combine multiple electrophysiologica l measurements, neuronal transfection, pharmacology and dynamic-clamp in brain slices to study the function and plasticity of hippocampal GABAergic networks in the context of epilepsy.

Eligibility: PhD with excellent training in electrophysiology. Knowledge or experience in neuronal transfection (gene-gun, viral transfection) and imaging techniques would be highly desirable without being mandatory.

Duration: Post
funded by ANR (starting 1st April 2010, 24
months with a possible extension).

Salary: 24
150EUR / year net

Selected Publications of the Team:
Debanne et al. (2008) Nature Protocols 3: 1559-1568
Campanac et al. (2008) J Neurosci 28: 8635-8643
Campanac & Debanne (2008) J Physiol 586: 779-793
Boudkkazi et al. (2007) Neuron 56: 1048-1060
Carlier et al. (2006) J Physiol 577: 141-154

Applicants should submit a CV and two references to:

Dr. Dominique Debanne
INSERM U641 - Neurobiologie des Canaux Ioniques
Faculté de Médecine- Secteur Nord
Université de la Méditerranée
Boulevard Pierre Dramard
F-13344 Marseille cedex 15

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 69 87 45
Fax: +33 (0)4 91 09 05 06
e-mail: dominique.debanne@

Postdoc Fellowship in Ontology Engineering/ Data Mining

Postdoc Fellowship in Ontology Engineering/ Data Mining

Applications are invited for the position of postdoctoral assistant in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (, CSD, University of Geneva. The successful candidate will participate in a European FP7 research project where s/he will ensure ontology engineering best practice in the development of a data mining ontology (DMO). The DMO is a comprehensive ontology on all data mining-related issues such
as data preprocessing, machine learning, and multimedia mining. It is intended to support data mining workflow construction, algorithm and model selection for all phases of the knowledge discovery process, and ontology-based knowledge discovery. Research on these issues should support development of software modules to be integrated into a virtual data mining laboratory. Further information on the project can be found on Gross starting salary will be around 5200 CHF/ month (1 CHF = 0.67 EUR), depending on qualifications.

Candidates should have a PhD in Computer Science with specialization in knowledge and ontology engineering and a solid background in machine learning/data mining. Alternatively, they could be ML/DM specialists with a solid background/experien ce in ontology engineering. They should have excellent programming skills as well as communication skills in English; French would be an asset but is not indispensable. A strong academic record, excellent analytical skills and a clear aptitude for autonomous, creative research will be priority selection criteria.

Applications should include a curriculum vitae, academic transcripts, a brief statement of purpose, a list of publications, and names and e-mail addresses of at least 2 references.

Please e-mail your applications to Melanie.Hilario[ at]unige. ch. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Post-doc Position in bio technology, France

Post-doc Position in bio technology, France

The Institute of Structural Biology (IBS) in Grenoble and the Laboratory LEGI
collaborate within the project Nanobiodrop.

This project involves the formation of artificial biological membranes to study the insertion of transmembrane transport proteins and measure their activity. The technique based on the manipulation of nanodroplets has proven effective in vitro and its integration into micro systems is a challenge today that opens interesting perspectives in biotechnology and biology such as drug screening or the study
of artificial cells networks.

The objectives of the postdoctoral position are to associate in a microsystem :
{ The formation of biological membranes by microfuidic techniques.
{ The insertion of transmembrane proteins studied at the IBS (ion channels and transporters) .
{ The measurement of transport activity of these proteins by electrophysiologica l or optical means.
{ The possibility of creating a network of interconnected membranes by transmembrane proteins.

The ideal candidate is a biophysicist, with a knowledge of, or a desire to learn, standard microfabrication techniques. Expertise in fluidics, surface treatment, membrane protein biochemistry and/or electrophysiology will be an asset.

The proposed contract is for two years. It is funded by the French network RTRA "Nanosciences" and the collaborative program in Physics, Chemistry and Biology of the CNRS "Support for risk taking". The candidate will work under the supervision of both LEGI and IBS and will benefit from access to state-of-the-art resources in all aspects of the project.

The candidate should have defended his PhD thesis for less than three years and a part of his scientific training has been done outside of France.

Salary : EUR2300 ¤/month
Contacts :
Benjamin Cross : benjamin.cross@ legi.grenoble-
Michel Vivaudou :michel.vivaudou@

Postdoc Bio-informatics

Vacancy: Postdoc

We are a microbiology and infectious diseases group in The Netherlands, investigating microbial flora in health and disease in relation to prevention of bacterial infections.

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow bioinformatics/ -statistics who will help us to analyze complex metagenomic data in relation to epidemiological parameters. Besides the complex problem of interpreting phylogenetic data of microbiota, we find there are currently no generally accepted statistical methods available to analyze complex communities in relation to epidemiological determinants, especially not in multivariate ways.

Our final goal is to model complex microbiota with the help of environmental and individual characteristics, with the ultimate goal to predict when disease will develop and to design preventive strategies.

We are looking for someone with experience in the field of metagenomics, bio-informatics, or adjacent fields, who does not dislike statistics and epidemiology, is not afraid of developing new tools, is creative, efficient, independent, and likes to work in a multi-disciplinary team.

The position is guaranteed for at least 3 years. The salary is depending on previous experience and according to the CAO for university medical centres (CAO-UMC: salary scale 10).

If you are interested, please contact:

D. Bogaert, MD, PhD
UMC Utrecht-WKZ
Department of Pediatric Immunology
Lundlaan 6 (room KC.03.068.0)
3584 EA Utrecht, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-88-7551754
E-mail: dbogaert@umcutrecht .nl

OCIS - Oxford Scholarships

Launched in 2009, the OCIS - Oxford Scholarships support British Muslim students as well as those from developing countries in Asia and Africa to read for degrees at the University of Oxford. Under the programme, up to five scholarships each year are available for undergraduate students from Muslim communities in Britain. A further five scholarships are available for postgraduate students, at least two of whom will be UK students from Muslim communities, while the rest will be students from specified countries in Asia or Africa. The scholarships are available to students undertaking study in a range of fields relevant to the needs of Muslim societies.

Applications for OCIS - Oxford Postgraduate Scholarships for the academic year 2010-2011 are invited through the University's normal admissions procedures. The scholarships cover University and college fees and a grant for living costs. An application for a scholarship is made at the time of completion of the Graduate Application Form. Further information is available from the University's web site. Details of the 'Scholarship Profile' for 2010 entry is now available.

CfA: LLM in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law, Ohio Northern University

Scholarships and Call for Applications Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific)

Applications are now being accepted for study and for scholarships in the Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific) (MHRD).

The MHRD is a unique Master degree program in which students undertake a foundational semester of study at the University of Sydney, and then a second semester at one of the four partner universities:
Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)
Mahidol University (Thailand)
Katmandu School of Law (Nepal)
University of Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Graduates of the course will gain an interdisciplinary understanding of human rights and democratisation in the Asia Pacific, and will have opportunities to research and examine the application of human rights and democratisation in the field with the partner institutions.

Course Structure
In the first semester at the University of Sydney, students will undertake a foundational course in social science, legal and political approaches to human rights and democratisation. During the second semester students will follow two core units of study complemented by either supervised research, an internship at an in-country organisation specialising in human rights/democratisat ion or undertake further specialised electives. Students must select one of the four partners universities listed above to undertake their second semester study.

Core Courses
Human Rights Norms and Laws (1 & 2)
Human Rights and Democratisation Research
Dynamics of Human Rights Violations
Democratisation: Theory and Practice
Critical and Emerging Issues in the Asia Pacific

In the second semester, students will take one of the following options:
a) Specialised electives
b) Internship program
c) Research thesis

Graduates will have both the ability to undertake independent scholarly research on current issues pertaining to human rights and democratisation in the Asia Pacific and skills to put their academic understanding and practical experience to use in real situations.

Potential Students
We are looking for people who have a strong commitment to or experience on working on issues about human rights and democratisation. The degree will strongly benefit people already working in, or seeking to work in the fields of human rights and democratisation in our region.

Through a combination of academic and practical educational experiences, the objective of the program is to produce graduates who can support ongoing efforts to strengthen institutions dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights and democracy and to enhance a regional culture of human rights and democracy. Recognising the critical institutional developments that are taking place both regionally and in particular countries during this time, the program has been set up to ensure that human rights and democracy advocates in the region are well resourced to lead us into the next decades.

Thirty scholarships, covering course fees and a living and travel allowance, will be offered to outstanding applicants from across the Asia Pacific region. This is made possible with the support of a significant grant from the European Commission.

Scholarships will be available to citizens of Asia Pacific countries (a full list of countries is available from the Academic Director upon request). The award of scholarships will be determined by academic qualifications and potential contribution to human rights and democratization.

Applications are now open.
Applications for the MHRD close on 30 April 2010 and are considered upon receipt.
Applications for the Human Rights and Democratisation Scholarship close on 12 March 2010.

Contacts and Further Information
If you are interested in the program, you can find more information at

For any questions, or for a copy of the application form, please contact Academic Director Dr. Danielle Celermajer at danielle.celermajer au

Graduate Student of Japanese Area Studies
University of Indonesia

Erasmus Mundus Msc Program in Data Mining and Knowledge Management

Call for application
Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Data Mining and Knowledge Management (EM-DMKM).


Erasmus Mundus is a certification of excellence which is delivered by the European community to the best international master programs in Europe, and it is supported by very attractive scholarships.

The Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Data Mining and Knowledge Management (DMKM)
proposes specialist training in this field. This is a two years course. The higher education consortium that organizes the master is composed of six universities in four countries:

* France (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6, University Lumière Lyon 2, Polytech'Nantes - Polytechnic Graduate School of Nantes University),
* Romania (Technical University of Bucharest),
* Italy (University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro) and
* Spain (Technical University of Catalonia)

The Master's in DMKM is aimed at students from all over the world. Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in computer science, applied mathematics or statistics, as well as a good level of English (TOEFL 550 or equivalent). Admission is granted on the basis of a selection procedure. Classes are taught in English and the course is composed of 18 modules of around sixty hours each.

The course runs over 4 semesters on at least two countries of the European Union. The first semester is devoted to basic training that includes theoretical mathematics, statistics, databases, logic, knowledge representation etc. whereas the two following semesters are dedicated to acquire 2 specialities among 6 in “E-Science”, “Data
Mining and Complex System Modeling, Application in Social Science”, “Knowledge and Decision”, “Statistical Modeling and Data Mining”, “Web Semantic” and “Relational Data Mining”. The fourth semester is devoted to the writing of a dissertation in either a laboratory or a company.

Language classes will also be provided to ensure that students integrate as well as possible in socio-cultural terms in the host country. Each student must spend (6-12) months in at least two of the 4 countries. Students that have obtained 120 ECTS, will automatically obtain national Master’s degrees from the countries in which they have
studied. Classes are transmitted via video-conferencing. They are also recorded and accessible on line. Students can benefit, on their site of residence, from support in the form of tutoring for each course.

Tuition fees are 4,000 € for European students and 8,000 € for other students.

The European Union provides up to 20 scholarships that covers transportations, subsistence and tuition fees. It offers also up to 6 scholarships to scholars.

The deadlines for applications are:
- 2 January 2010 for Scholarships for Non European students and scholars
- 15 April 2010 for Scholarships for European students
- 20 June 2010 for DMKM Master Course

Please see the EM-DMKM website ( for further details and on-line application form.

Professor Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
DMKM Consortium communication
University Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6

Scholarships at Ohio State University

*OSU Highlights*
- Highly ranked programs in engineering, business, and more
- Over 100 fields of graduate study (122 master's and 94 doctoral programs)
- Top 20 public university and top 10 research university in the U.S.
- A scholarship just for international students
- Emphasis on experience through internships, research, and study abroad
- Large international community of 3,900 students from 113 countries

*International Undergraduate Scholarship*
The OSU is committed to enrolling a diverse and talented student population. The International Undergraduate Scholarship is offered to qualified full-time, Columbus campus international freshmen (students who have not attended university since graduation from high-school/ secondary school) who are required to pay the nonresident tuition surcharge.

The International Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis to admitted international freshmen with ACT composite scores of 27 or higher or combined SAT Critical Reading and Math scores of 1220 or higher.

$6,600 ($26,400 four-year value)
The award is renewable annually for a maximum of 12 quarters (or the equivalent) of full-time undergraduate enrollment, provided the recipient continues to pay the nonresident tuition surcharge, maintains a 2.5 or higher grade point average (earned by no later than the end of the second year), and makes satisfactory academic progress.

*To be considered*
Students must submit the application for admission and all supporting materials by the application deadline to be considered for this award.

For undergraduate admission information, please see undergraduate. or contact int.undergrad@

*Graduate Funding*
OSU offers significant financial support to the best graduate students. Approximately 55 percent of graduate students are funded through fellowships or graduate research, teaching, or administrative associateships.

For graduate admission information, please see gradadmissions. or
contact international. grad@osu. edu

Erasmus Mundus : Research on Information and Communication Technologies


This is the call for applications to the Erasmus Mundus Category A student (non-European) scholarships for MERIT – the European Master of Research on Information and Communication Technologies (see

MERIT is a European 2-year post-graduate programme taught in English at the following institutions:

• Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain
• Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden
• Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), formerly University of Karlsruhe, Germany
• Politecnico di Torino (PdT), Torino, Italy
• Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), Louvain, Belgium

Deadline 11 Jan 2010

Scholarship at University of Wisconsin-Madison


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a major research university, internationally renowned for its academic excellence, commitment to undergraduate education, and dedication to out-of-classroom learning experiences. Students come from all 50 U.S. States and more than 130 countries to attend a university with over 160 majors and to work with and learn from over 2000 faculty.

Please note that the international application priority date is *December 15* for the Fall 2010 term.

All students requiring a visa to study in the U.S. must submit applications by December 15 to receive full and equal consideration. An application does not need to be complete, but it must be submitted or postmarked by December 15 in order to meet the priority date.

More information on International Admissions at The University of Wisconsin-Madison can be found online:

*Scholarships: *

Inquiries about the application process should be directed to:
international@ admissions.

Joseph D. O. Halaas
International Admissions Counselor
University of Wisconsin - Madison
716 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53706

OII Summer Doctoral Programme 2010, Oxford University

I am delighted to announce that we are accepting applications for the OII Summer Doctoral Programme 2010.

OII SDP2010: Oxford (5-16 July 2010)

The programme aims to stretch the thinking of all students on a range of issues, to provide valuable advice and support for students' thesis research, and to establish a peer network of excellent young researchers. As in previous years, the programme will involve daily research seminars and panel sessions given by leading academics, with
students having the opportunity to present their research to their peers in informal seminars. Break-out sessions will allow groups to focus more narrowly on research questions of mutual interest, and time is made available for individual research and informal contact with tutors and fellow students.

We will let you know as tutors and academic partners are confirmed. Student feedback on the Summer Doctoral has always been overwhelmingly positive, and the SDP2010 promises to be yet another excellent year in this series. I hope you will consider applying, encourage your students to apply, or forward this email to people who may be interested! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Best wishes,

Dr Rebecca Eynon
SDP2010 Course Director uk

PhD Position, Leukemia-associated translocation, University of Frankfurt

A post-graduate position (PhD position; BAT IIa/2) in Molecular and Cellular Biology is available at the Laboratory of Tumor Stem Cell Biology in the Department of Hematology, University of Frankfurt, for studying the molecular mechanisms by which leukemia-associated translocation products induce the leukemic differentiation block.
Interest (not experience!) in animal models of leukemia is requested. We are a young group with a great potential surrounded by a very good clinical and pharmaceutical environment, which our translational research approaches are based on.

The laboratory is funded by grants from DFG, Deutsche Krebshilfe, Jose; Carreras Leukemia Foundation, Alfred and Angelika Gutermuth Foundation.

Applicants are welcome to contact PD Dr. Martin Ruthardt Med Klinik II/Abtl. Haematologie Hs 25, Theodor-Stern Kai 7 60590 Frankfurt/Main. Tel.: (069) 6301-5338; E-mail: ruthardt@em. uni-frankfurt. de

Please, send a detailed CV (incl. names of two references) to the
above address.

University of Bologna PhD Programme


The PhD Programme

The International PhD Programme in "Diversity Management and Governance" is a new three-year English-taughtprogr amme jointly launched by the University of Bologna, the University of Graz, the New Bulgarian University of Sofia and the University of Primorska.

1. History and politics
2. Anthropology
3. Sociology
4. Law
5. Entrepreneurship

How to Apply
Applicants must submit the following documents in .pdf format via email at the address graz.atno later than November 30, 2009:
1. Application form
2. Research project structured with background, research presentation, methodology, expected results (between 2,000-5,000 words)
3. CV in English
4. Diploma/Degree Certificate (plus English translation)
5. Proof of knowledge of English (TOEFL or equivalent, diploma from a UK or US university etc.)
6. Two letters of recommendation
7. Transcript of university records (plus English translation)

Please note that application can only be accepted if sent to the above-mentioned email address.

The Selection Committee is composed of the responsible coordinators in each partner university. The research project will be a key component of the decision since the project implies the identification of an appropriate supervisor by the academic coordination board. The final decision on the acceptance of an application is taken by the responsible coordinator in each partner university for the respective applications.

Candidates assessed as eligible at University of Bologna shall enrol by January 15, 2010.

Tuition Fees & Scholarships
Tuition fees vary depending on the university of enrolment. Students enrolled at the University of Bologna will have to pay approx. € ¢â’¢¬ 600,00 per year (if they do not hold any scholarship), or approx. € ¢â’¢¬ 35,00 per year (for scholarship holders).

The University of Bologna offers three study grants of about 13.600,00 € ¢â’¢¬ per year to eligible candidates in the first 3 positions of the ranking list.
Furthermore, candidates are strongly invited to check the possibility forgrants offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Embassies abroad and Italian Institutes of Culture. The University of Bologna can offer enrolment to three students holding a scholarship from their home government, the Italian one or other Institutions.

Further Information
Students applying at the University of Bologna are recommended to strictly follow the requirements as set in the call for applications in Italian.
For additional information contact Ms Dessislava Krasteva.

PhD and Postdoctoral position (biologist, biophysicist, veterinarian

The Dept. of Dermatology and Venerology at the University Hospital of the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, Germany is inviting applications for a

1) Postdoctoral position (biologist, biophysicist, veterinarian) (BAT IIA),
2) PhD student (biologist, biophysicist, veterinarian) (stipend)

as part of the multidisciplinary LOEWE "Proebionik" (preventive biomechanics) network which will be founded by the state of Hesse for an initial period of three years starting Jan. 1st, 2010.

The holders of these positions will be responsible for the continued work on tumour mechanics using A431 and A549 xenograft tumour models. The main focus will be placed on the validation of a new sonographical method to measure the tumour interstitial fluid pressure non-invasively. Additionally, in cooperation with other groups of the
LOEWE network the fluid dynamics in the tumour vasculature should be described. All biophysical results will be used to optimize strategies to lower the tumour interstitial fluid pressure and increase the uptake of anti-tumour drugs.

Applicants should be highly self-motivated, have a strong background in in vivo research and have good team working capabilities. Individuals with backgrounds in biophysical and computational fluid dynamic modelling are especially encouraged to apply. The successful applicants will take part in the LOEWE seminar series and graduate programme. They will benefit from the multidisciplinary of the network
combining life sciences with computational engineering.

Please send your applications including CV, a short description of research experience and interests and contact details of two references and / or letter of recommendations to:

Dr. Matthias Hofmann,
Zentrum der Dermatologie und Venerologie,
Theodor-Stern Kai 7,
60590 Frankfurt/Main,

Or submit electronically to:
Matthias.Hofmann@ em.uni-frankfurt .de
cc. info@praeventive- biomechanik. eu

According to German law, disabled persons with equal occupational aptitude will be given preferred consideration. The University Hospital strives to promote equal opportunities in sciences and is committed to increase the percentage of female scientists in teaching and research. Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Submissions are expected til Dec. 13, 2009

PhD position in Quantitative Modeling at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

PhD Position (Quantitative Modeling)

At the Chair of Systems Design, we use methods from complex systems theory to understand the dynamics of social and economic systems. This includes methods from statistical physics, evolutionary game theory, micro economics, mathematics, and computational sciences.

We are looking for candidates with a strong quantitative background in one of these fields to fill in a doctoral student position starting as soon as possible, or by agreement. We offer excellent working conditions in a lively team and innovative research in close collaboration with leading teams all over the world.

Applicants should have excellent credentials and a proven interest in interdisciplinary research to explore scientific problems beyond the beaten track, both within the team and independently. But most of all, they should be highly motivated to work in the genuinely transdisciplinary environment of our team consisting of economists, physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. This also requires strong communication skills and fluently spoken and written English.

Applicants are asked to send their curriculum vitae, list of (and links to) their publications, names of at least three references, and an overview of their research interests (all in PDF files and in English) to

Ms. Rahel Dulik
rdulik@ethz. ch

For specific inquiries, please contact Prof. Dr. Dr. Frank Schweitzer (fschweitzer@

website link:

12 PhD Positions in Applied Math at University of Heidelberg, Germany

The Research Training Group (RTG 1653) funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG) and associated with the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) of the University of Heidelberg, Germany, offers 12 Doctoral Positions (TV-L 13) for research projects focusing on statistical and optimization aspects of modeling, learning and inference with probabilistic graphical models, and related challenging applications of image analysis in computer vision, environmental science, life sciences and industry.

The Research Training Group is run by a consortium from the Institutes of Applied Mathematics (Bock, Dahlhaus, Gneiting, Thorarinsdottir) , Theoretical Physics (Heermann), Computer Science (Ommer, Reinelt), the Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (Hamprecht, Jähne, Schnörr) associated with the IWR, and supported by the Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences. It distinguishes itself through a structured research program, joint teaching and supervision, and a study program consisting of interdisciplinary lectures and seminars. For more information, please visit the website http://graphmod. iwr.uni-heidelbe

Positions in the salary class TV-L 13 are awarded for up to 3 years, starting on April 1, 2010.

Additional material cost allowance will be paid. Childcare allowance can be granted if applicable.

Successful applicants hold a master degree in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or a related field with a strong background in one of the fields of Statistics, Stochastics, Optimization, Statistical
Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Image Processing or Computer Vision. A good command of the English language, good programming skills, and a strong interest in Mathematical Modeling and
Computational Methods are indispensable prerequisites.

The RTG 1653 aims at increasing the proportion of female staff and is proactive in inviting women to apply. This policy applies also to disabled persons. The RTG will take measures to support the research
carrier of excellent candidates up to 12 months after their 3-year doctoral period.

Applications include a cover letter, copies of certificates of academic qualifications held, curriculum vitae, a statement of interest in the position offered, one or more letters of recommendation to be sent directly by the referees, and should be addressed – preferably in PDF format by Email – not later than
February 26, 2010, to:
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schnörr, University of Heidelberg, IPA Group / HCI, Speyerer Strasse 6 D-69115 Heidelberg, Germany
Email: graphmod@iwr. uni-heidelberg. de

website link:

PhD Position in Open Source Software at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

PhD position (Open Source Software)

The Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich, offers a position for a PhD student working in the project "On the Interplay between Social Interactions and Software Architecture in Open Source" funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), starting as soon as possible.

This project brings together the fields of software engineering, statistical physics, and management to reap synergies between them and to advance the understanding of the complex socio-technological dynamics underlying Open Source Software, beyond the scope of one particular discipline.

The aims of this project are:

* To establish a holistic picture of the phenomenon of Open Source
* To understand the statistical laws governing the evolution of the software architecture, which may help developers to steer development towards favorable architectures
* To study the self-organization of projects and the resulting social dynamics, on the level of both software users and developers
* To analyze the link between software architecture and the project organization, as well as between the corresponding dynamics, which may enable new management principles or provide tools for smoothening the interface between software, developers, and users


* MSc degree or equivalent in computer science or a related field
* ability to develop formal models and computer simulations
* ability to combine data analysis and modeling
* good knowledge about graph algorithms and social network analysis is a plus
* strong abilities to communicate in an interdisciplinary scientific environment
* interest in becoming acquainted with methods from physics, economics, and management

We offer excellent working conditions in a lively team and cooperations with leading institutions worldwide.

Applicants are kindly requested to send their curriculum vitae, list of publications, names of at least three references, and an overview of their research interests (all in PDF files), to

Ms. Rahel Dulik
rdulik@ethz. ch

For specific inquiries, please contact Prof. Dr. Dr. Frank Schweitzer (fschweitzer@

website link:

Opening for 8 Full-Time Doctoral Scholarships at the Bonn-Aachen International Research School of Applied Information Technology

Opening for 8 Full-Time Doctoral Scholarships at the Bonn-Aachen International Research School of Applied Information Technology (B-IT Research School), Aachen/Bonn, Germany

Application deadline: January 2nd, 2010
Submit electronically to:

The Bonn-Aachen International Research School of Applied Information Technology (B-IT Research School) is operated by RWTH Aachen University ( and the University of Bonn ( in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute Center Birlinghoven Castle (

The research school covers a wide range from foundations to different areas of application, including interdisciplinary topics:
- Media Informatics and Advanced Human-Computer Interaction
- Communication Systems Engineering
- Software and Information Engineering
- Life Science Informatics
- Computer Graphics
- IT Security
- Data Mining, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
- Algorithm Design and Formal Foundations of Applied IT

Applications are sought for up to eight Full-Time Doctoral Scholarships to be filled by March 2010, under the following conditions:

------------ -
A very good Master degree in Informatics/ Computer Science or another field related to the topics of the research school.

The research school will also consider a few exceptionally qualified Bachelor graduates with an outstanding track record for a funded scholarship covering an integrated Master-Doctoral program linked to the international Master programs of the Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology (B-IT).

Applicants should have a strong background and interest in one of the eight research areas above.

Details can be found at

Scholarship amount is 1.468 Euro per month, tax free. Under certain conditions, increased scholarships are available for candidates with children. Scholarships can be granted for a maximum of three years, with an intermediate evaluation.

Applications must include
- a curriculum vitae,
- copies of exam transcripts,
- a recommendation by at least one university professor, and
- a short description of work done so far (e.g., Master thesis or other research-related experience) and research interests, including the specific research area of interest and possibly first ideas for a thesis topic.
- TOEFL (or IELTS) and GRE scores should be included.

The B-IT Research School has a strong interest in bringing in the full pool of talent in applied Informatics and therefore strongly encourages female students and students from outside Germany to apply. The working language of the research school is English.

Applications must be submitted electronically to rs-applications@ b-it-center. de no later than *January 2, 2010*. Questions can be directed to the Coordinators of the B-IT Research School: Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke, RWTH Aachen University (jarke AT
dbis.rwth-aachen DOT de) and Prof. Dr. Armin B. Cremers, University of Bonn (abc AT cs.uni-bonn DOT de).

international internship

Want to volunteer abroad or find an international internship? participate in language immersion, volunteer projects, internship placements and educational programs abroad


Buenos Aires Coordinator Assistant (Business/Professional)
Buenos Aires Design Assistant (Business/Professional)
Buenos Aires Graphic Designer (Business/Professional)
Buenos Aires Hotel Receptionist (Business/Professional)
Buenos Aires Junior Engineer (Business/Professional)
Buenos Aires Tax Firm Assistant (Business/Professional)
Buenos Aires Translator Positions (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Audio Visual Assistant (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Graphic Designer (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Junior Engineer (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Language School (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Mass Media Agency (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Nutrition Assistant (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Production Team Assistant (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Radio Columnist Assistant (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Research Assistant (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Sound Assistant (Business/Professional)
Cordoba Travel Agency (Business/Professional)
Customizable Internship (Business/Professional)
Prof. Placement in Buenos Aires (Business/Professional)
Prof. Placement in Cordoba (Business/Professional)
Buenos Aires Gardener (Environment/Nature)


Customizable Internship (Business/Professional)


Customizable Internship (Business/Professional)


Bolivia Non-Profit (Education)
Animal Rescue Park (Environment/Nature)
Elder Home (Social Work)
Private Orphanage (Social Work)


Maceio Orphanage (Social Work)
Shelter for Girls (Social Work)


Customizable Internship in Montreal (Business/Professional)


Child Care Center (Social Work)
Elderly Home (Social Work)
Girls' Program (Social Work)


Advertising Agency Assistant (Business/Professional)


Bogota Orphanage (Social Work)
Cartagena Orphanage (Social Work)

Costa Rica

Animal Rescue Center (Environment/Nature)
Biological Reserve (Environment/Nature)
Bird Protection Program (Environment/Nature)
Cooperative Eco-Farm (Environment/Nature)
Costa Rica National Parks (Environment/Nature)
Ecotourism Project (Environment/Nature)
Educational Eco-Farm (Environment/Nature)
Family Eco-Farm (Environment/Nature)
Forest Conservation NGO (Environment/Nature)
Monteverde Butterfly Garden (Environment/Nature)
Monteverde Orchid Garden (Environment/Nature)
National Volcano Park (Environment/Nature)
Santa Elena Reserve (Environment/Nature)
The Ecological Sanctuary (Environment/Nature)
Turtle projects (Environment/Nature)
Wildcats Rescue Center (Environment/Nature)
Elder Home (Social Work)


Aide to the Blind (Education)
Elementary School (Education)
Cloud Forest Nature Reserve II (Environment/Nature)
Galapagos Foundation (Environment/Nature)
National Park Tour Guide (Environment/Nature)
Wild Animal Park (Environment/Nature)
Public University (ESL Teacher)
Children's Hospital (Healthcare)
Homeless Shelter (Social Work)
Nursing Home (Social Work)
Orphanage (Social Work)
Translation Project (Social Work)
Women's Prison (Social Work)


Customizable Internship in Bordeaux (Business/Professional)


Customizable Internship (Business/Professional)


Teach English (ESL Teacher)
Health Project (Healthcare)
HIV Project (Social Work)
Orphanage (Social Work)


Animal Rescue Center (Environment/Nature)
Public Hospital (Healthcare)
Day Care Center (Social Work)
HIV/Aids Hospice (Social Work)
Orphanage (Social Work)
The Godchild Project (Social Work)


Health Project (Healthcare)
Children's Nursery (Social Work)
Red Cross (Social Work)


Animal Rescue & Care Project (Environment/Nature)
Environment Project (Environment/Nature)
HIV/AIDS Project (Healthcare)
Medical Project (Healthcare)
Day Care Center (Social Work)
Orphanage (Social Work)


Customizable Internship (Business/Professional)


Teaching Project (Education)
Health Project (Healthcare)
HIV/AIDS Project (Social Work)
Orphanage (Social Work)


Guanajuato Orphanage (Social Work)
Oaxaca Orphanage (Social Work)


Conservation Project (Environment/Nature)
Teach English (ESL Teacher)
Health Project (Healthcare)
Orphanage (Social Work)


Orphanage for Girls (Social Work)
Penitentiary (Social Work)
Pre-School (Social Work)


Peruvian Travel Guide (Business/Professional)
Elderly Home (Healthcare)
Elderly Home (Social Work)


Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Business/Professional)
Event Coordinator (Business/Professional)
Law Firm Administrator (Business/Professional)
Marketing Assistant (Business/Professional)
Mass Media (Business/Professional)
Sales and Marketing Assistant (Business/Professional)
Teach English/German (ESL Teacher)
State Hospital (Healthcare)


Customizable Internship (Business/Professional)


Conservation Project (Environment/Nature)
Teach English (ESL Teacher)
HIV Project (Social Work)
Orphanage (Social Work)
Women's Project (Social Work)


Teach English (ESL Teacher)
Public Health Work (Healthcare)
Elderly Home (Social Work)

United Kingdom

Assistant Accountant (Business/Professional)
Customizable Internship (Business/Professional)
House of Commons Research Assistant (Business/Professional)
Human Resources Assistant (Business/Professional)
Travel Agency Booking Services (Business/Professional)


Animals Refuge (Environment/Nature)
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