Scholarships for the Intensive Course in Applying Sustainable Development to European Project Management, Brussels

Ladybugz Consulting and Management, in cooperation with The Natural Step Italy, is pleased to announce the launch of the:
Intensive Course in Applying Sustainable Development to European Project Management
Brussels , May 5th – 31st, 2008
A new wave of funds from the 2007-2013 EU brings a unique opportunity to finance innovative European Projects. This training programme will be mainly oriented towards practical applications of writing successful proposals for European Commission calls. A deeper view will be dedicated to sustainable development, both from a theoretical and practical perspective, with sound examples of European funds related to sustainability development topics such as energy, environment and transport.


* Mr. Eric Ezechieli, Founder and President, The Natural Step Italy
* Professor Grigoris Papagiannis, Dept. Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Thessaloniki
* Mr. Jaime Garcia Nieto, Associate Lawyer White & Case, Bruxelles
* Mr. Marco Valente, Chief Executive Sustainable Development, Ladybugz Consulting and Management

* Mr. Fotis Filippopoulos, CEO at Delphi, Neuromarketing & Neuro-Economic Research, Thessaloniki.
* Mr. Simone Boselli, Account Hill & Knowlton, Brussels.
* Miss Aurelie Louguet, Unit Strategy and Management, Ramboll Management Brussels.
* Mr. Wim Lambrechts, Researcher Sustainable Development, Leuven University College.
* Prof. Dominique Breuil, Directeur de la Recherche, Ecole d’Ingenieurs en Genie des Systemes Industriels de La Rochelle (EIGSI), La Rochelle.
* Mr. Eric Ezechieli, Founder and President, The Natural Step Italy.
* Prof. Grigoris Papagiannis, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
* Anne-Dorothe Mueller, Project Manager at EUFORES, The European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources.
* Mr. Umberto Di Pasquo, Liaison officer to European Union Institutions, Ladybugz Consulting and Management.
* Mr. Marco Valente, Chief Executive Sustainable Development, Ladybugz Consulting and Management.

The aim of this course is to provide professionals and postgraduate students with a general overview of European policies and introduce them to the practical and technical tools for writing and managing a proposal for European funds. By the end of the course, students will have developed the necessary skills for drawing up their own successful proposals. A special focus will be given to sustainable development. As a cross-sector discipline, dealing with environment, economy and society, it represents an overarching objective in all the key fields where the European Commission’s funds apply. The course will give a sound and science-based overview of sustainable development, framing the topic into the possibilities of practical application in the main fields of financial opportunities given by EU funds. Moreover, our focus is on sustainable development because Ladybugz strongly believes this is a fascinating, cutting edge field, and a trend that will inevitably come to guide the future economy.

The Course will be held in Brussels from the 5th of May to 31st May. The programme is designed as an intensive workshop, combining theoretical and practical approaches. The programme comprises 20 training days, for a total of 160 hours, including lectures, case studies, performance-oriented exercises, and interaction with experts, tutors and fellow participants.As an important toolbox for tomorrow’s leaders, training programmes should have a strong scientific and theoretical ground, and a high predilection to practical applications, for instance informed by case studies. Therefore, theoretical aspects and practical applications will be addressed simultaneously. The entire course will be taught in English.Participants will be requested to understand rapid and idiomatic English, to participate in oral class discussions and to present written papers and tests.

This intensive programme will expose participants to a multinational arena. Only in Brussels is it possible to set up a EU training programme where participants can be in contact with EU institutions and stakeholders, can access debates, expertise and cultural diversity. To be in Brussels means to be in the heart of Europe, illustrated by the fact that for many people, the term ‘Brussels’ has replaced the concept of the ‘European institutions’ in everyday language.We believe that Brussels is the place to jump-start a career into the EU arena.

The whole course will be focussed on sustainable development as a trans-disciplinary field of knowledge. Since there are many definitions and some misperceptions about this concept, the course will adopt a rigorous approach that will enable students to grasp the overarching idea of sustainable development, thanks to the application of The Natural Step Framework.

The program has been set up to offer participants a focused competence in the field of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT applied at the EUROPEAN PROJECT MANAGEMENT with a strong background in the fields of the EU history, institutions and policies.

International public relations and lobby; The role of communication, Effective communication skills, How to set up and implement a communication strategy, Strategy building: style and importance of leadership, Managing your strategy to achieve your goals.

Overview of the European Union; EU history and role of the Institutions, European Commission, Council of the European Union-European Parliament, European Court of Justice, Decision-making process, The structure and powers of the Commission, European info point-General Overture to EU Policies, Environmental Policies

Structural Funds and Direct Funds; Overview and differences between Structural and Direct Funds, Direct Funds and call for tenders-Structural Funds, New Budget: Targeted objectives (2007-2013)

EU Direct Funds; How to read an EU call for proposal, Overview of main Funding sources, How to identify your call for proposal, Key documents for the project management, Partnerships, Eligibility, The bidding process, The finance management, The invoicing

Sustainable development; General principles, Sustainable development applied at the project management, How to develop a sustainable project-Case studies and best practices

Specific EU Calls for proposals; Intelligent Energy Europe, R&D project from the 6th Framework Programme, Life

Practical Exercise; Working groups, Presentation and discussion

On request, application forms and supporting documents of the participants will be evaluated in order to offer a period of training in a qualified Organization. Such experience will enable participants to unfold the full potential of the tools and concepts learned during the course.Who are the candidatesThis Masters is for 40 candidates with excellent profiles from all over the world. Attendance is encouraged from different backgrounds to foster the class’ potential to make a solid network. At the same time the largest geographical coverage from all over the Europe will be encouraged.

Applicants have to send us the following documents by March 7th:
* Application Form-Curriculum Vitae (preferably the Europass format)
* Cover letter, max 1 page References letters (written recommendations from individuals describing the candidate’s skills and abilities).

The response will be communicated to the selected candidates via mail or fax before March 12th, 2008.

* Graduation
* Personal and professional experience that proves interest and/or relevant experience in European Policies;
* Personal and professional experience that proves interest and/or relevant experience in sustainability.

The largest geographical coverage from all over the World will be encouraged.

The Scientific Committee is offering 4 scholarships for promising students in the programme. Two total scholarships and two partial scholarships available for the applicants subscribing before February 28th. Further information is available on the website.

The full cost of the course would be €5.000. Thanks to the contribution of our sponsors the price due from applicants is €4.000 and includes:
* The lectures indicate in the “Lessons Schedule” The course will be held at the ETI, Bruxelles.
* Accommodation at the Flat Hotel from May 4th- June1st.
* Educational materials such as the presentation exposed during the lessons and all the related documents on electronic support.

DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS and click on “Intensive Course - Energy”

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