Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree in Women's and Gender Studies (GEMMA) Fourth Edition (2010-2012)

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for European students (Category B)
Erasmus Mundus Grants for Third Country visiting scholars

The Research Centre for Women's Studies at the University of Granada is pleased to inform that the application period for European students and Third Country (non-EU) scholars to take part in the fourth edition (2010-2012) of its Erasmus Mundus Master Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies (GEMMA).

The deadline for application is 30th April 2010.

GEMMA is a joint European Master in Women's and Gender Studies selected by the European Commission as an Erasmus Mundus master of excellence and co-ordinated by the University of Granada (Spain).

This inter-university and interdisciplinary programme is addressed to students interested in Women's Studies, Gender Studies, and Equal Opportunities Policies. It provides a unique opportunity to acquire professional qualifications in these areas at two prestigious European universities and to obtain a double Master's Degree from these institutions according to the mobility route chosen by the student. The languages of instruction are English, Spanish and Italian.

GEMMA Partner Universities:
University of Granada (Coordinator, Spain)
University of Bologna (Italy)
Central European University (Budapest, Hungary)
University of Hull (United Kingdom)
Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
University of Lodz (Poland)
University of Oviedo (Spain)
Utrecht University (The Netherlands)


Erasmus Mundus scholarship, Category B:
Eligibility: Category B scholarships are meant for European students (nationals of EU, EEA-EFTA countries) or third country nationals who have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of these countries.

The scholarship covers the tuition fees and insurance, as well as personal expenses (a monthly allowance of 500 Euros) during the two years of the master.

Application deadline: 30th April 2010

Erasmus Mundus grant for scholars:
Third Country scholars can apply for research visits at one or various GEMMA European partner institutions. These visits can last between 2 weeks and 3 months and the grant is calculated on the basis of 1.200 Euros per week.

Application deadline: 30th April 2010

The online application form for both types of scholarships can be found at the GEMMA webpage ( together with all the necessary instructions.

For further information please check the GEMMA webpage:


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