Benefits of a Study Abroad Program

Author: Wayne Hemrick
One of the most exciting opportunities of the college experience is the chance to study abroad. College study abroad programs give students a chance to experience a new culture, a new land, and a new way to view the world. Study abroad programs also give students a chance to learn about themselves and learn about interests they may have never known they had.

A variety of international locations offer college study abroad programs and summer study abroad programs; it really just depends on where the student wants to go.

The best study abroad programs have several commonalities. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a study abroad program.

Financial Assistance: The typical college student can't afford to just up and leave the country. Traveling overseas, room and board, and well as doing all the activities that come with being a tourist can add up. And then there is the education. The best study abroad programs offer financial assistance to those who qualify.

A Variety of Degree Programs: There is little sense of enrolling in college study abroad programs if the classes aren't going to count towards a degree. The best study abroad programs offer a variety of degrees, so that students can take classes that will count towards their degree credit. This isn't to say that electives can't be taken as well, but a high quality degree programs give students something they need: options.

A Support System: Whether you enroll in study abroad summer programs or a program that is a year long, a support system is vital to study abroad success. Studying abroad can be an intimidating experience; often it is helpful to rely on those who are going through the same thing.

A Variety of Places: Both summer study abroad programs and year or semester long programs should offer travel to a variety of countries. If the study abroad program only offers travel to a small number of countries, students may not be able to go where they truly want.

A Chance to Find Yourself: One of the best things about studying abroad is the opportunity it gives students to find themselves. One reason for this is because other cultures introduce students to new things, sparking new interests. A study abroad program may spark interests in previously unknown or unexplored topics that can blossom into fulfilling career opportunities.
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