Europe offers a comfortable situation for students who are looking for a Western location for their study abroad experience

Author: Wayne Hemrick
Studying abroad - no matter where you go - is an exciting, fulfilling, and unique opportunity. It allows you to experience new cultures and new people while simultaneously gaining a new appreciation of yourself and your native country.

Studying abroad in Europe combines all the above with a Western location, providing many students with a sense of familiarity and well-known comforts.

In fact, Europe is among the most common areas for American students to go for study abroad programs. The reasons for this are many:

Studying Abroad in Europe is Affordable: Study abroad programs are not limited to people with money to burn or parents who are wealthy. In fact, to study in Europe, students need not be rich at all: the programs are designed with affordability in mind. Many programs offer financial aid, support programs, and scholarships. These programs are designed so that those who want to study abroad can do so.

Studying Abroad in Europe Requires no Prior Language Skills: To study in Europe you don't need to be fluent in another language because many courses are taught in English. While cultural classes and, sometimes, foreign language classes are encouraged, you don't need to be fluent, semi-fluent, or even a little bit fluent in another language to study in Europe. You are welcome to apply to most study abroad programs regardless of your language background or skills.

Studying Abroad in Europe Dials Down the Culture Shock: Anytime you leave your homeland you can experience a bit of culture shock, the surprise that comes when experiencing a different way of living. However, when you study in Europe, the culture shock is not as extreme as it may be if you were to visit a different part of the world. This makes the study in Europe concept particularly appealing to those terrified of being an obvious fish out of water.

Studying Abroad in Europe Allows for Lots of Travel: One of the great things about Europe is the close proximity of many countries: it is literally a place you can backpack through. This gives students who choose to study in Europe the opportunity to see a great many countries in not much time.

Studying Abroad in Europe Opens up Job Opportunities: Not only does studying abroad look great on a resume and provide you with invaluable experience, but it also opens up job opportunities overseas. The more people you know, the more likely you are to land the job of your dreams.
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